A simple question to start this one. Where do you go to know more about anyone? Internet, Right? Basically, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of portraying yourself in the best possible way for your audience. We know that the after effects of a negative publicity can damage your reputation irreversibly, that is why we make it a priority to protect you and enhance your reputation in the mind of the masses. When it comes to Crisis Management we know there is no one out there better than us. And yes since we are part of the COSMOS we want you to stay away from the DARK MATTER.

One of the most sensitive elements of online presence is Online Reputation Management. It might take years to build up and might get away within seconds. Sometimes, it is also a victim of hearsay which might bring positive or negative results. We at EAD Cosmos evaluate brands’ Online Presence and find the loop holes in what might affect a brand's reputation.

We understand that in today's era, online reputation is very essential for the brand for being trusted. Most of the customers would first like to check your online reputation and then decide their way ahead.

Further we make appropriate suggestions that would not only improve Brand's reputation but also would make its online presence noticeable. We sometimes, begin from the scratch and give a new life to brand's image. Constant monitoring and analytics in place help us gauge future trends. We prepare instant plans to deal with unexpected hurdles to make sure brand's reputation doesn't get harmed.

Measurable results and reports give insights on the pros and the cons of the existing strategy and help us make amendments. We also strive towards not only giving the brand a good image but also make it people's choice.