A Brand is not the outcome of a day’s work, instead it starts with an Idea and with perseverance it reaches to the final output. At EAD Cosmos we help you with that idea to create your brand.

Who We Are?

We are EAD Cosmos we believe in thinking out of the box.

Why Choose Us?

Experience your idea being converted into a brand with us

Our Mission

We always believed that a brand is not just an identity, it's an experience

What we Do?

EAD Cosmos helps you not only with that idea but also make you emerge as a successful Brand.

about EAD

EAD Cosmos specialises on marketing through search engines so that your product or business is always at the top of the results page. We do not let social media go as well, our team of highly skilled and creative members will always put the extra effort and create that one idea which will propell your business or product to the sky, which is of course not a limit for us, We at EAD Cosmos always find new and creative ways in Online Marketing so that you are satisfied with the end result. we believe that "To know your limits you need to test it First".

Our Skills

Online Reputation Management(ORM)
Mobile app Marketing
Personal Branding

Company History

  • Social Media Branding

    When it began

    In early 2006, when the world was suddenly caught in the overwhelming storm of online media, not many understood its full potential. For most digital media was just a medium to connect to others and rejoice but for a few, who were ready to take the risks, ventured into the digital media universe. With an ambition to make it big I Creation was born.

  • Website Design and Development

    When the Going gets tough, The tough get going.

    When it all started there was very little to work for as many brands were skeptical about the power of the digital world. But as they say patience is a virtue. We stood our ground and gathered expertise in whatever we did. Be it designing, social media, PR or anything related to marketing in the online media. It was never a fairy tale ride for us. We had our ups and downs but we faced every uncertainty with a plan and courage.

  • SEO and SMM

    Hard work rewarded

    It was not until 2008 where we actually started to gain momentum. This helped us to expand and get crazier, talented yet hardworking folks to join us. This was a boost to our client list as the work done by us was gaining praise from clients and viewers alike. This continued until 2012, when we decided to add print media in our services too. We understood that, for a complete turnaround for a brand it was vital for the online as well as the offline media to work in conjunction. Thus I Creation became a hub for media and communications, be it print or digital.

  • Personal Branding

    The journey ahead

    We always had the appetite to grow and explore new ways to help our clients get great returns of their investments. Thus in 2016 we became from an agency into a private limited company and like the universal world of media we transformed from I Creation to EAD Cosmos Pvt. Ltd. company. We know we have a long way to go but the journey will only get better and better.

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