Welcome to the EAD Weekly blogs. If you haven’t been following us do visit our earlier blogs (links are at the bottom of this article). We are trying to share information and recent trends about marketing, all the blogs from this month are related to Digital Marketing in specific.

This week we are going to talk about ‘designs’ and how it matters in digital marketing. It is a very important element in advertising and marketing but it takes the center stage in digital marketing. It’s all in the appearance. When you look good, people notice, the same way when your website design or any other content looks good people notice. They re-visit, share and most of all take you seriously. So you have to spend the same amount, time and money on your web design or web content as you do for your clothes and appearance, maybe spend a bit more.

Many websites with horrible designs do well over all but mostly it’s because they are lucky. Period. You don’t want to risk your business on luck especially when there is a huge competition on Digital front. You have to find a good designer and explain your views and plan for you online content carefully, this includes from websites to social media and even online advertisements for that matter.

Any advertisement or content you publish will point your potential customers either to your website or to your social media page, both of them HAVE to look good. In today’s world this is the backbone of your campaign. So we will just give you some pointers about how to make great designs but you’ll have to work with us to get the full picture on it. But because we love to share the knowledge let’s give you some insights.

The main thing to keep in mind is keep your design “simple”. When you load many things into one concept it becomes less attractive but at the same time if you make it too simple it becomes dull and dull is never entertained by internet surfers. As they say ‘Keep it simple and keep it cool’ yeah it sounds like some Instagram post but accept it or not this is the truth. Building a nice online image takes time, keeping your designs simple is the most effective way to make your way to the top. For your website the best thing you can do is keep the user interface to the simplest. In other words visitors should know their way around on your site. They should find things easily, not get confused and get all the information upfront. Some things to keep in mind is give the most important info on the first page i.e. Home Page, always keep the “About us” and “Contact us” tabs most visible.

Related to the above paragraph is when it comes to overall marketing you must follow ‘Less is More’ principle. Take the example of Apple their slogan is “Beautiful Outside. Beast Inside” and Nike has “Just do it”, these are very small and simple but extremely effective slogans. If you assume they are just slogans and not related to designs, think again. From their slogans to website everything is connected with just small statement, everything is revolving around that. They are consistent on their strategy and keeping it to minimal this is what makes their marketing effective.

So moral we get from this blog is: to make the most effective designs you have to keep two things in mind 1) Keep it simple 2) Less is more. And for other branding solutions come to us. See you at the next EAD weekly blog till than keep surfing.