Media is a fascinating platform to create awareness and has been there since a long time. Starting off with a fact pretty connected to the area of marketing, did you know print advertising started in 1836 in a French newspaper ‘La Presse’? So it’s pretty old but the whole advertising concept is even older, the concept of advertising has definitely evolved a lot from print to internet and now into social media. We already know advertising is a dynamic concept which means it will keep on changing from time to time. Rapid growth of the digital industry is a direct consequence of the global phenomenon that is the internet. It is a mixture of two elements Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Let’s talk about Social Media as an advertising platform. We all know that it’s vast and very influencing. It has become a very important element for marketing because no other communication tool connects more with people’s mind than social media. Like every aspect of advertising, social media is also evolving. From the first social network which was simple to the more complex ones, social media has come a long way. Back in the day when social networks like Six Degree or Myspace launched no one ever thought about utilizing the large user base for marketing as well. However with the more recent additions like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat it has become imperative for brands to use this space to target their audiences.

Creating buzz in the digital world is no longer a tough ask for any brand, however most brands do not realize that doing it the right way is what matters the most. If done with proper execution the returns will be greater than what you imagined. You have to be strong at all fronts if you want to stay in the game and when it comes to digital one of the main aspects is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is a process of to help you get your brand noticed amidst the ocean of existing ones.

Well there is a lot to talk about on this topic but we will leave something for the next week. Stay tuned and keep browsing.