If you saw the title and got confused you should definitely read this blog. SEO is not a new term but something which hasn’t been as popular as it should be. It is becoming the most used online marketing concept.

We gave you a heads-up in last week’s blog on what we are going to talk about but if you are new to our website here’s the link to all our blogs… Now what is SEO? How is it connected with marketing and the most important: how to use it? Before we start this article, this week’s blog writer is way too much into poems and philosophy so it will have at least 3-4 clichés be prepared for it!!

Let’s talk about our hero for today-SEO!! It is the process of improving the visibility of a website by only using natural or unpaid search engine result page. To simplify this: SEO makes your website more visible not in the ‘ad section’ (which most of us ignore anyways) but in the search results (which most of us really wants). When the content on your website is good it will have more visits by people and more companies will be willing to advertise on your website, this increases your rank in the search results. But all this is a bit more complicated then how it’s mentioned above. Mainly there are five points to keeps in mind: Strategy, Keyword, Content, Patience and Make Search Engines Happy.

Strategy: You have to be clear on your strategy, if you are not, your customers or viewers won’t even bother to revisit your site. Carefully create a strategy and stick to it for some time. Find your target group, create your strategy based on that and keep applying keywords and content as per that on your website. With all this you master the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and BOOM your website gradually ranks up in the results, simple eh? Let’s hop to the next point.

Keyword: Keywords are another important factor in your SEO strategy. Keyword is the words and phrases that internet user’s type into the search box of a search engine. To rank up your website in the search results you must use the proper keywords on your web page. You have to put some time and thought to choose the perfect keyword which your target Groups can relate to and search for. It’s better to add some keywords that are also in your domain name, i.e. if your domain name is www.example.com, even if someone searches for ‘example’ or ‘examples’ there is a chance that your website may come up in the search results. This is what SEO is in short. Now the following points are where things get interesting… Because it has the creative aspects you need for SEO.

Content: Let’s talk about the importance of content in SEO. It’s as obvious as it sounds, if your content is right, creative and perfect for your target groups you don’t have to worry about anything else. “Creativity is the key to success” it can’t be called as cliché for this topic. Creativity makes everything interesting and if you don’t find this blog interesting our blog writer is not that perfect as he thinks. The more visits you get on your webpage, the more visibility you gain in the search engines. If your webpage has nice and creative content you will even get repetitive views, isn’t that what you want? Words like ‘visible’ and ‘search engine results’ are closely connected with SEO. So we use it a lot!

Patience: Be it a small or a big company branding is a process that takes time and must be done correctly in the first time itself (Don’t worry you can reduce the damage with a lot of efforts). SEO is a great help in marketing but to see its clear progress you have to give some time. As they say “There are no short cuts to success”. Keep your goals clear and stick to the plan for a time being and with right kind of SEO strategy you will find visible growth in your rankings. SEO gradually increases your rank on the search results. Do keep in mind that - patience is your strongest ally. Now last but not the least, we will talk about ‘Search Engines’ (we informed you earlier, this will be article full of clichés)

You HAVE to make the search engines happy, this one is the most obvious one. Every search engine has their own algorithm, a bit different than the others. You have to keep in mind the working system of all the major search engines and make individual plan for them. Keep in mind that you want to rank up at all the different search engines to increase the visits on your site.

Getting the gist of digital marketing yet? Tune in next week for some more information on branding, marketing and advertising. Keep surfing till then…